To get contracted with IMG:


1. Click on this link to get contracted:

Your Commission Rate is 10% for short-term plans and 15% for long-term plans.


2.   Login to and complete the 2nd set of instructions


3. You MUST set up Direct Deposit with IMF's commision department using the pertinent documents.


4. Once contracted, make sure you schedule as many training webinars as posible. Clck on the links below to schedule training.


On-Demand Webinars

GlobeHopper Senior On-Demand Webinar:


Missionary Marketing Opportunities On-Demand Webinar:


To schedule a 1-on-1 training time to increase your business, we have three options:


15-Minute Intro Call:


30-Minute Product Breakdown Training:


60-Minute Product Breakdown Training + Web Consultation: 



Dispense Data:
Number of patients per month:
Enter Number of Locations:
Number of working days a month:
Enter Number of medications per patient:
Enter Number of patients per day:
% of patients seen eligible for a script:
% of patients who receive a prescription:
Combined Averages:
Average dispense patients per day:
Average dispenses per day:
Average cost per dispense:
Average reimbursement per dispense:
Dispense Averages:
Average gross profit per dispense
Average gross margin per dispense
** Subscription Fee
Total Monthly Revenue:
Total Monthly COGS:
Monthly Subscription Fee:
Total Monthly Gross Profit:
Total Annual Revenue:
Total Annual COGS:
Total Subscription Fee:


Total Annual Gross Profit: