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Premier Insurance Contracts Inc (PRINSUCO) is a National Insurance Field Marketing Organization (FMO) representing some of the largest insurance companies in the world. Headquarters are located in  Houston  Texas.

PRINSUCO directly coordinates and promotes all elements associated with recruiting, training, marketing, and sales management for insurance and investment agents all over the country.

PRINSUCO is characterized by a very strong relationship that it develops with each one of the agents it contracts with. PRINSUCO works mostly under the prequalified appointment (PQA) format for agents, which enables producers to achieve their highest levels of efficiency because of the consistent supply of qualified people they get to see on a daily basis.

PRINSUCO owns and manages two call centers, one located in Houston, Texas, and the second one located in Cali, Colombia. Our call centers use the most advanced telecommunications technology to optimize lead and appointment generation techniques.

The agent develops an interactive approach to marketing, by selecting an individual combination of products and areas of service.


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