How to get certified to sell Oscar Medicare Advantage 


Step 1: Create an Oscar Broker account (if you haven't already) at https://business.hioscar.com/create-account.


There are just six (6) required steps in the Certification Checklist:

Step 1: Electronically sign the Medicare Advantage producer agreement.

  • You can access the signed producer agreement anytime from the Medicare Certifications page in your Broker account.

Step 2: Complete your AHIP training (if you haven't already) and transmit your scores to Oscar Health.


Step 3: Get appointed in New York and/or Texas.

  • Please note: We are only offering Medicare Advantage plans in New York and Texas for 2020.

Step 4: Indicate your FMO affiliation. ( Make sure you Select Premier Insurance Contracts, Inc.) 

  • If you cannot find your FMO or want to change your selection, please contact our Broker Support Team at 1-855-672-2713 or brokers@hioscar.com.

Step 5: Complete the Oscar Broker Certification Training.

  • Review all contents in the Oscar Broker Certification Training. You can also download and print the course materials for your convenience.

Step 6: Complete and pass the Oscar Broker Certification Assessment.

  • You will have five (5) attempts to pass the assessment with a score of 90% or above.

Once you have completed these steps, that's it! You're ready to sell

Oscar 2020 Medicare Advantage plans starting on October 15, 2019.