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English BPM January 2024

Welcome, and thank you for the opportunity to become your financial planning and insurance sales partner. You are invited to join our team of producers, at Premier Insurance Contracts, Inc. (PRINSUCO). We look forward to you joining our team and you can be assured we offer the best portfolio of products in the market. We offer a competitive commission structure and great incentives to help make you successful! 

What distinguishes Premier Insurance Contracts, Inc ( PRINSUCO) as a Field Marketing Organization?

• PRINSUCO has maintained excellence in the financial planning, insurance and Medicare Advantage market since 2005. 

• We are a national FMO and have been ranked as one of the top FMOs in the U.S.A.

• We are contracted with some of the best insurance companies that offer Medicare Advantage and PDP plans, Medicare Part D (PDP), Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS), and Coordinated Care (CCP-Managed Care) plans.

We also represent some of the largest life insurance, final expense, annuities, and health insurance carriers in the country, including among others  AIG, Allianz,  Assurity, and American General.

• We are dedicated to helping our agents achieve their goals in the industry and provide the tools an agent needs to succeed.

What distinguishes PRINSUCO from other other agencies?

• PRINSUCO offers a generous compensation package with top commissions per application for most insurance companies; and, we offer Direct Pay for most companies.

• Our agents may receive referrals from our marketing department, including doctors, clinics, and special groups and events.

• Agents may receive appointments from our lead sources, including Radio and Internet leads**.

• To be appointed by most insurance companies, you will need Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance. Do you need E&O insurance? PRINSUCO can help you get started with your certification requirements by helping you get the coverage you need through one of our providers. For complete details, contact us at (832) 850 6873 or send an email to contact@prinsuco.com

• We represent affordable and attractive plans (many with $0.00 premium) designed to appeal to the needs of a wide range of beneficiaries, including special needs persons.

• You now have the ability to market one of the Medicare Advantage lines of business in 50 states and, PDP plans that are available also in all 50 states.

• We offer training programs, newsletters, and bulletins to keep agents well-informed of compliance guidelines and industry news.

• You will receive personal support provided by a dedicated management team.

• We can provide you with CMS-approved sales and marketing materials, including sales presentations, member-facing event flyers, and direct-mail brochures sent directly to your customer base.

• We offer a generous override commission plan for agents that you refer to us. For each agent you refer to, you can receive a bonus of $100 per appointed agent. and, after you refer and maintain five agents, you can receive an override on those agents, once you become a General Agent.

**Leads are based on the agent’s production.
**Must maintain personal production as established with your manager.
***Based on the maximum amount allowed.


We welcome the opportunity to make you a part of our winning team of independent agents. We urge you to join PRINSUCO now – please call us at (832) 850 6873 or email us at contact@prinsuco.com to let us know you are ready to start now!

We sincerely hope you will begin working with us soon and we await the opportunity to be your premier insurance broker.

Best regards,

Premier Insurance Contracts, Inc.