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It's Certification Time Again! 


Certifications are located on the UnitedHealthProducers website, on the Learning Center tab. The certifications will only work on Internet Explorer. They are not compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or any other browser. You will need to find another computer if you have an incompatible browser.


Be sure as you do your certification that your pop-up blocker is off, as the website and certification process is entirely built around pop-ups.

Get certified NOW and place your 2018 Materials as soon as Pre-orders are allowed.  



Who Must Certify 

 All agents must certify every year to be able to offer UnitedHealthCare Medicare products.  If you have a downline, you must certify for any product that someone in your downline may sell (in other words, certify for EVERYTHING!).  Corporations should certify using the Party ID for the Principal. The certifications will automatically code over to the Corporation. Commissions and overrides will not be paid unless certification is complete prior to the signature date of the app.   



What To Certify For 

Once you are in the Learning Center, your courses will be loaded for you.  You must complete the product-specific modules and tests for each product you sell. If you are not completing the AHIP, or transferring AHIP credit, you do not need to do the AHIP module.

If you are a new producer, any 2018 certifications you complete will cover you for the rest of 2017 as well.

If you have a downline, please certify for all products.

If you are working a retail location during AEP, please certify for all products offered in your area, whether you plan on actively marketing them or not.  Also be sure to complete the Retail module, which is located in the Elective section of the Learning Center.

Completing either the AARP Medicare Advantage or the (non-branded) Medicare Advantage will give you credit for both.  It's a "two-fer"!  


When Must You Certify 

Certification must be completed before the website will allow you to order supplies.  No commissions will be paid for applications submitted prior to certification. No exceptions will be made.



Where To Certify  

To access the training, go to www.unitedhealthproducers.com. This is the same website you used last year and the same website you have checked on your application status, commissions, etc.  Your Username is your agent number. You create your own Password.  This website requires you to change your password every 3 months, so if you can't enter with your old password, or if you have forgotten your old password, click on the "password assistance" link in the Sign-In box.  You will be able to re-set your password there. 

Once you are in the website, click on the tab for the Learning Center. Two windows should pop open.  If these do not pop open, and all you see is an almost blank page, you probably have a pop-up blocker on.  

The certifications will be located in the blue Menu block on the upper left, where it says "Certifications".




UnitedHealthCare does not require AHIP testing, but will give credit for 1 basic and 2 product modules if you have completed the course.  If you have completed AHIP certification, and wish to transfer the AHIP credit to satisfy the basic UHC requirements, click on AHIP in the products section, and do that first.  If you are not transferring AHIP credit, do not choose AHIP in the product section.  

You will still need to complete the remaining basic modules (Ethics, Before the Sale, and AARP 101) before you receive certification credit for the products.


If you are planning on transferring credit, or if you wish to complete the AHIP certification through UnitedHealthCare (not required), make sure the follow all step by step instructions.  You will click on the module "AHIP (FMO agents)" and log into the AHIP website from there.  Going through the UnitedHealthProducers website to access AHIP will give you a reduced cost. 

Texas agents completing the AHIP course will be able to use the course to satisfy the State of Texas CE/Certification requirement for their state licenses.

Once  you have clicked through to the AHIP site, you are committed.  You cannot come back and do the UnitedHealthcare Prerequisite Modules.  AHIP requires a 90% passing rate.  Failing AHIP will prevent you from certifying with United. 



To Download a Copy of the Modules 

To download a copy of the module, click on the Resources tab.  You will find this once you get into the module, on a tab along the bottom. (Look for it on the slide with the picture of "Frank", in the bottom left corner of the screen).    

About 2/3 of the way down in the Resources tab will be a PDF icon, and it will say "Module PDF (printable version of this module)".  This is a very large file and will take a few minutes to open.  You can print this, save it to your computer, or keep it open on your computer as you go through the module and test.  Some test questions are very picky, and having the module available to view will give you a distinct advantage. Having a copy saved will give you a resource to refer to as questions come up throughout the year.

Once you have completed the test, you will be able to see what questions you may have missed.  This is on the same page as your test score, but you may have to scroll down to see it.

Be sure to print a copy of your completion certificate, and keep it in your records. If there are commission disputes for lack of product certification, you will need this proof in order to release commissions.  Certification must be completed prior to the signature date of the app.

If you have any question about whether or not a certification has been completed, or if you have any technical issues with the certification, contact the Producer Help Desk at 888-381-8581.

Failing a course 3 times will prevent you from certifying for that product for 2015.  Failure of a basic course will prevent you from being able to offer any UnitedHealthCare Medicare Products for the 2018 season.  If you are having trouble certifying, please contact your upline before it's too late!



How Does a Corporation Certify? 

If you are appointed as a corporation, you will certify under the Party ID you have as the Principal. The Principal and Corporation should be tied together, and certifying once should cover certification requirements for both. Contact us or the Producer Help Desk (888-381-8581) if you don't know the Party ID for the Principal.



This certification information will continue to evolve and be updated.