Social Media Marketing for Life Insurance Agents Week 29

Email Marketing Tools (4:09)


WEEK # 1


Pre-Built Customer Prospecting Campaign

Topic: The need for Life Insurance

Step # 1


Step # 2

Campaign Breakdown 

1. LINKEDIN: Copy and paste this post on your Linked In page: Life insurance is something you can’t buy once you need it. Don’t procrastinate – be sure your loved ones are protected.











2. FACEBOOK: Copy and paste image and link to Facebook (content is consumer approved)












3. TWITTER: Copy and paste (content is consumer approved) 8 in 10 Americans overestimate the true cost of life insurance. It’s less expensive than you think. #LifeHappens












4. EMAIL: Click on this link to open email #1 promoting a video that addresses 4 strong reasons you might need life insurance. Copy and paste the text into your own email, customize the red areas and then send to prospective clients.


Consumer Emails: “Life Insurance Essentials” Module

Note this email is intended for use by financial professionals to cut and paste into their email program and send to their clients and prospects.  Note that the red areas should/can be customized. 


Email #1: Promotes video covering 4 reasons for life insurance


Subject line:  You might need life insurance in retirement


Body Copy:

{Client name},

Your need for life insurance doesn’t necessarily stop when your work does.  Watch this video to learn about 4 reasons you may want life insurance in retirement.

Contact me to learn more about how life insurance could help protect you and your family.

{your contact information}


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5. DIRECT MAIL: Download this flyer that addresses how life insurance can be cheaper than a daily cup of coffee. Be sure to customize it with your contact information, then send it to prospective clients.