Social Media Marketing for Life Insurance Agents W 32

Week # 4


Social Media Monday Agenda


1. Feedback Session



2. Lecture


Training Videos (approx. 30 min)



Adding media to your LinkedIn profile (6:00)

Changing your LinkedIn URL (3:29)


Creating a captivating Facebook Page Description using the absolute Best Keywords (2:42)


Creating an Outstanding Twitter profile page (3:46)

Adding your Profile and Header Photo (9:33)


3. Action


Step # 1:

Mashup Week 4


 Step # 2:


Copy and paste this post on your Linked In page:

A quick online calculation at   can let you know where you stand with your life insurance needs. #LifeHappens


Copy and paste image and link to Facebook (content is consumer approved): 


Copy and paste (content is consumer approved):

90% say they need life insurance, yet only 60% say they have it. Now is the time. 


Email #4 that provides a video that addresses the need for spousal life insurance. 

Copy and paste the text into your own email, customize the red areas and then send to prospective clients.

Subject line:  Do both spouses need life insurance?


Body Copy:


{Client name},

Does just the main breadwinner of the household need life insurance? With life insurance there is a tendency to focus on the income that pays the bills.  It doesn’t take into account the value of the person that takes care of the household, or of the second income.  Watch this video to found out more.

So do both spouses need life insurance? For many, the answer is yes.  Contact me to get a better understanding of your own situation and for a personalized recommendation.

{your contact information}

Direct Mail:

Download this flyer that addresses how life insurance can help protect a consumer’s home in the event of a death. Be sure to customize it with your contact information, then send it to prospective clients.