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Product / Market Comments
Annuities Most profitable area of financial sales
Estate Planning Sell  large face amount life insurance
Retirement Position yourself as a financial planner 
Single Prem.  Whole LIfe Serve & make good commissions
Final Expenses Huge market, great commissions 
Medicare over age 65 Medicare Advantage, Annuities, F. E.
Medicare Turning 65 Opportunity for commissions  & renewals
Medicare Dual Eligibles Open all year long 
Dental, Vision and Hearing Great door opener
Veterans Provide sound professional advices
Long Term Care Underserved market
Seminars Develop your practice to a new level 



At Premier Insurance Contracts Inc., we offer many different lead programs for our partner agents and financial planners. Please give us a call to talk about what lead program would work best for you!


Here is a detailed list of our main lead programs:


Lead Program 1: Contact List – Custom List Volume-Based Pricing

A contact list can be ordered for you from outside vendors based on the age range, income level, and markets in which you desire to work. Contact names are scrubbed against the “do not call” list if you are interested in obtaining phone numbers.  You can order as many of these lists as you want, and for that, we will use our exclusive Data Marketing Selection Form.

These lists may be distributed multiple times.  The price starts a $0.08 per list name.


Lead Program 2: Direct Mail Programs – Volume Based Pricing

Premier Insurance Contracts Inc.  has a direct mail program available for all product lines. Simply choose a mailer from our marketing portfolio and let the professionals handle the rest. Different packages of mailers for Annuities, Estate Planning, Retirement, Single Premium Whole Life, Final Expenses, Medicare Advantage, Dual Eligibles, Turning 65,  Medicare Supplements,  Dental, Hearing, Vision; Mortgage Life Insurance; Disability Income Insurance and Long Term Care.

On average, a 1000 mail piece campaign runs from $ 440 to $ 500.


Lead Program 3. Predictive Dialer Phone Leads 

At Premier Insurance Contracts, we have a very successful track record of generating leads and sales using the phone.  We will provide you with the scripts, and give you access to the most sophisticated phone technology today in the market, so that you can generate your own appointments from the comfort of your home or office.

We will provide you with scripts, access to our predictive dialers, and first class training on phone utilization, so that you become your own lead generation provider. 


Lead Program 4. Carrier Generated Leads – Complementary

At times some of our main carriers generate prospects and/or recycled prospects. These prospects have responded to carrier solicitation or have been otherwise contacted, and have agreed to allow an agent contact them and discuss certain products. This may not necessarily be a preset appointment. This may simply be a prospect that is expecting your call. These leads may be seasonal and subject to availability.


Lead Program 5. Prinsuco’s Lucky 7.

This subsidy program is offered to agents writing and placing seven pieces of business with Premier Insurance Contracts Inc., in any combination of carriers or product in these categories: Medicare Advantage; Medicare Supplement; Final Expense; Life Insurance,  or Annuities. The 7 sales have to be approved over a 60 day calendar period. This production will fund a 1,000 piece mailing through one of our approved vendors. 


Lead Program 6. Retail Marketing

Position yourself into a situation when you are receiving a constant flow of inquires because you are situated in a location with high traffic of individuals;Click on the link to see how this might work for you.