Continuous Education (C.E.)



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Continuing education credits

  • To keep your license in good standing, you must take 24 hours of continuing education every two years. (If you don’t live in Texas, you are not required to take continuing education courses through the state of Texas.)
    • Two hours must be in ethics / consumer protection.
    • 12 hours must be in a classroom.


  • There’s a $50 fine for every hour not completed on time, up to a maximum of $500 per license. You won't be able to renew your license until your continuing education is complete, and you've paid any fines. (There is no cap on fines for licenses that expired before June 1, 2018.)


  • Create an account on the Sircon website to:
    • Find courses and providers.
    • View your transcript.
    • Ask for an exemption or extension.
  • You may not need to complete continuing education if you have been licensed in Texas for at least 20 years. To apply, go to Sircon and click on "Request CE Exemption."



Print license

You can print your license by going to the ProducerEdge website. There is no charge to create an account or print a license. Don’t remember your license number? Use our Search and Renewal page to find it.


What agents should know about continuing ed

Continuing education is required to keep your insurance license in good standing. It also keeps you informed and helps you better serve Texas consumers.


1 How much, how often?

Most licenses require 24 hours of continuing education every two years. Limited lines, county mutual, and small value life insurance agents need 10 hours every two years.

  • Some license types require specific topics to be included.
  • Two hours must be ethics-related.
  • At least half of the hours must take place in a classroom.

2 Check your status

  • To check how many credits you need: Visit the TDI website and click on the type of license you have to learn how many hours are required.

To check how many credits you have: Visit the Sircon website to get a copy of your transcript, look up approved courses, and check your licensing renewal status. If some of your credits are missing, contact the course provider. Or send a copy of the certificate of completion and an explanation to or fax it to 512-490-1054.

3 Resolving a deficiency

You won't be able to renew your license until your continuing education is complete, and you've paid any fines. There are several ways to resolve a deficiency:

  • Pay your fine: There is a $50 fine for each hour not completed on time. To pay the fine, send your payment with the CE Automatic Fine Payment Voucher.
  • Apply for an exemption: If you have been licensed for 20 years or more, you may qualify for a continuing education exemption. To apply, go to Sircon and click on "Request CE Exemption."
  • Request an extension: You may be able to apply for an extension due to a medical issue, military duty, or other circumstances beyond your control.

4 Your state rules

If you have a nonresident license, you are subject to the continuing education requirements of your home state. You don't need to report these hours to TDI unless you have a Texas designated home state adjuster license.

5 Not using your license?

To keep your license active, you must continue to meet the continuing education requirement.  If you leave the insurance industry, you can cancel your license.

To cancel your license, send a letter with your name, license number, and signature to, or by mail to:

Texas Department of Insurance
Agent and Adjuster Licensing Office, MC 107-1A
PO Box 149104
Austin, TX  78714-9104

You also can sign and return the postcard you may have received about a continuing education deficiency.


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