Social Media Marketing for Medicare Advantage Agents - Week 7

Week # 7 – Time Horizon 3









Step # 1:


Mashup T3














Step # 2:


Copy and paste this post on your LinkedIn page:

New to Medicare or Turning 65? Get Medicare Ready!


Copy and paste image and link to Facebook (content is consumer approved):


Copy and paste (content is consumer approved):

Turning 65? Get Medicare Ready!


Email # 3 will provide a Consumer Needs Analysis Worksheet.

Copy and paste the text into your own email, customize the red areas and then send it to prospective clients.

Subject line: Medicare & You: Ways to Save Money


Body Copy:

{Client name},

I got important information to share about the ways to save money on your Medicare coverage. Please click on the following Video for more information.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


{your contact information}


Post yourself video to PIC Social Media 24/7 (Tell us about your biggest passion?), then post your video to the following Link:









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Training Videos (approx. 30 min)



Adding a professional Background photo (4:06)

Adding media to your LinkedIn profile (6:00)

Adding Experience, Skills, Accomplishment to your LinkedIn profile (3:21)


Selecting your Profile Image (4:29)


4 Tips to Choose your Twitter Handle (2:00)

Email Marketing

Create a Lead Magnet (7:26)


YouTube SEO - Watch Time vs. Views (3:33)