Social Media 24/7 W 39

Week # 2


Social Media 24/7 Agenda


1. Feedback Session



2. Lecture


Training Videos (approx. 30 min)



LinkedIn Ads Introduction (2:56)


How to Spy your Competitors on Facebook (11:01)


Growing your Twitter presence with Jooicer (9:04)


Use Reports to Analyze Success (7:05)


3. Action

Step # 1:

Personal Financial Planning Mashup - Week 2


 Step # 2:


Copy and paste this post on your Linked In page:

In times of crisis, you don't want to be shaking pennies out of a piggy bank. Having a financial safety net in place can ensure that you're protected when a financial emergency arises.


Copy and paste image and link to Facebook (content is consumer approved):


Setting up a cash reserve, that can help you meet emergency or highly urgent short-term need


Email #2   that provides a video for Personal Financial Planning-  Six Reasons to work with a Financial Professional video

Copy and paste the text into your own email, customize the red areas and then send to prospective clients.

Subject line:  Establishing a Financial Safety Net & Six Reasons to work with a Financial Professional video


Body Copy:



{Client name},


Most financial professionals suggest that you have three to six months' worth of living expenses in your cash reserve. The actual amount, however, should be based on your particular circumstances. Do you have a mortgage? Do you have short-term and long-term disability protection? Are you paying for your child's orthodontics? Are you making car payments? Other factors you need to consider include your job security, health, and income. The bottom line: Without an emergency fund, a period of crisis (e.g., unemployment, disability) could be financially devastating.

Click on the following link for more details

And also watch these Six Reasons why you must work with a Financial Professional video


{your contact information}

Direct Mail:

Your clients must have knowledge about everything concerning their Financial Planning. Send them this document